Social Deviance & Entrepreneurship 

Does widespread counter-normative behavior in a community facilitate entrepreneurial behavior?

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Income Inequality & High-tech Entrepreneurship

Scholars and pundits generally argue that reducing income inequality will decrease high-tech entrepreneurship. However, my team and I show that reduced income inequality can increase high-tech entrepreneurship via increases in a community's social trust. 

Image by Erik Mclean

Shifting from Basic Science to Research Commercialization

Norms of science and norms of business don't always align, so what organizational characteristics help science organizations make the shift to research commercialization?

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The Impact of Refugee Arrivals on Local Business Performance

The number of forcibly displaced persons around the world has hit unprecedented numbers, and that number is expected to rise due to climate change. There are widespread fears about how refugee arrivals will impact local businesses. Our research shows that welcoming refugees can be good for business. 

When Should New Companies Formalize their Organizational Structure?

Founders struggle to decide when to add more formal structure to their new ventures. We conducted randomized control trials with thousands of real business operating in dynamic contexts in order to pinpoint when formalization should take place. 

When do Innovation Standards Increase Rates of Technology Commercialization?

Past research on organizations asserts that establishing standards for innovation increases rates of innovation, but we find that innovation standards could reduce innovation if other factors aren't present.

When does Growing a Firm via Innovation Actually Work?

Innovation is the most popular growth strategy among small business owners and corporate CEOs, but my team's analysis finds that the local social fabric can make or break the success of growth via innovation.