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I travel the world to understand high-tech entrepreneurship.

My quest has taken me to Syrian refugee camps, Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution, Mexican communities with a history of drug cartel violence, the Amazon Rainforest, and more. 



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Max Weber observed an "Iron Cage"  dehumanizing society. I believe creativity and entrepreneurship thrive in communities where we can be human. That's why I am passionate about using my research to break the "Iron Cage".

I'm an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurial Management at the UConn School of Business where I manage a multinational research enterprise studying entrepreneurship and technology commercialization in the U.S., Latin America, the Middle East, and China. 

My goal is apply research in ways that directly helps 100 million + people annually.


Right now I apply research by teaching Entrepreneurial Management  at the UConn School of Business,  serving on the advisory board at Old Silvers Venture Capital, and by serving as an Affiliate Faculty at the Sustainable Global Cities Initiative.  


Keep updated on my team's research on the ecologies that support entrepreneurship and technology commercialization

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I'm eager to share what I learn from our research across the globe on entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.  



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The method of teaching is very unique which sparks interest in attendees. Very forward thinking.

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This course would not be as great without Professor Coles, he knows how to get across to his students. It was a privilege to be his student.

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[Dr. Coles] brings real life examples...He really opens the doors of what it is like out in the real world.

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